Posted 8 months ago

I was gonna play today but I got art homework that sucks to do, so I might not be able to. Still, though, we will see.

Posted 8 months ago
You ever try Killer7?
snake-face asked

This came in a few days ago but I never answered it WHOOPS

I have never played Killer7 but I actually do own a copy! I picked it up at a Half-Price Books for like 5 bucks for PS2, which I didn’t even know the game came out for.

I do have the Gamecube EMU on my computer, so I could play Killer7, although I’m a fan of Suda51’s games so I’d probably like it too much for that to be a particularly good idea. We’ll see, though!

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Oh great, the coin post suddenly got 1000 posts in the last like two days.

Posted 9 months ago

Keep in mind that I’ll probably be playing these games on PC.

Which means I’ll still be able to play games on different consoles through emulators black magic, but it’ll be a bit of a pain to get working.

Posted 9 months ago

Alright, now seems like a good time to bring this up:

I need a new game to play! I think it’s safe to say that, besides the occasional odd moment, there’s not a whole lot I can say about Animal Crossing, at least not this iteration. I don’t necessarily want to stop playing it (I’m close to having my house finished, relatively speaking) but I do want to mix things up in terms of games played to keep things interesting for myself and, more importantly, you guys.

I’ve been thinking of a different way of presenting the next game, but it’ll take a bit of planning, along with some things I don’t have, in order to do. So if that ends up happening, it’ll probably be a bit down the line. Which also means I’ll have to put the game I was gonna play a little further down the line as well.

Which leads me to the dilemma of “What do I play next?” And that’s what I have you guys for!

Any suggestions? There’s a ton of games that are strange or niche that would probably be perfect for this blog, but I can’t know about all of them. They shouldn’t require constant action, as I do need to take the screenshots, and they should be obscure or strange from your typical game ilk. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

TL;DR What game should I play next?

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I think I’m gonna have to stop for tonight, or at least for longer than I intended. Sorry folks.

Posted 9 months ago

Before I take a quick break to make something to eat, I should note that apparently Men at Work released a song called “Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive”

It’s puns like that which I appreciate even more having played Animal Crossing.

Posted 9 months ago

Oh. When you said “men at work”, you meant… like, literally, it’s a…


Wait…Is it even legal to take one of those? Those are out for a reason, Nook, what the hell!?

Posted 9 months ago

Men at Work? Oh man I love that band! I want a Men at Work sign!

Posted 9 months ago

Oh, Twirp just wants me to play some crap random chance game for some wallpaper.

Why would I do that when I have this awesome wallpaper that looks like a crowd at a boxing match?